Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Baby News!

I thought I would be remiss not to mention that all those folks I have known this year who are pregnant have started having their babies. Of course, you all know that Dion and Karen have Adam now and that Dan and Carolyn have Thomas. The more recent additions are Liz and Tim's Graham and my cousin Dean and Shannon's Julia. The boys are definitely outnumbering the girls this year. So far, of the four of us pregger ladies at PushPull there are three boys (Graham who just arrived and the other two have known since their ultrasound although they haven't blessed us with their presence just yet).

Graham Bowker Meadowcroft
He made a late, but much welcomed, entrance to the world at 10:17pm on August 27th at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and tipped the scales at a not inconsiderable 9 lbs 2 ounces. He and Liz are both doing well and are resting comfortably at St. Mike's.

Julia Margaret Huckla
Julia Margaret Huckla was born on Monday, July 30 at
10:03 P.M. weighing 7lbs 12oz.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny actually had her baby before Liz. Baby Ronan was born on August 25th at Jenny's home. So now it's just you and me left to deliver our contribution to PushPULL Kids Becky!! I am curious if you will be having a boy as well!!

Erika :)