Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I tripped

You know when you're first learning to ride a bike or jump rope or something, and you've just jumped your 10th time and so you say 'Hey look at me, I'm jumping rope", and then that is the precise moment you trip? Well, I tripped on the meal planning this week - just days after blogging about it.

It's not too bad really. Last week went almost as planned. The quesadilla recipe from DinnerDaily was really good. Try it out if you get a chance. But.. instead of cooking at home on Friday night, we went out for dinner. So, the fish got bumped to Sunday night. Then, we were both out at meetings/games on Monday so we ate out again. So, we had the BBQ chicken, eggplant and squash last night. We're going out tonight for dinner with the ultimate team .. so no dinner tonight! Sigh. Here's the plan for what remains of this week:

Thursday - Cha siu chow fan (BBQ Pork Fried Rice)
Friday - Hamburgers (homemade), cauliflower au gratin, salad
Saturday - Spanokopita, roasted potatoes, veggie of choice TBD, today at the store

Are you still here? I thought that bit would have been boring enough for you to not keep reading! There is some kind of fun stuff going on. On Friday Rob and I are going for an ultrasound to hopefully find out Bean's physical features. They'll be able to tell us if Bean has 10 fingers and 10 toes, if he's got a big head, one leg longer than the other, and perhaps most interestingly whether or not Bean has a penis. If you want to know about the results, give me a call or drop me an email sometime after Friday. I'm not sure I'm going to blog about it, since I think a few people might not want to know. Even more baby news - I can feel some movements pretty regularly now. Usually around meal time: just before lunch and dinner. It's pretty fun. They aren't strong enough to be felt through my skin, so I'm the only one who can feel them, for now.

Talk to you soon,


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