Friday, August 03, 2007

I spoke too soon!

More 'symptoms' of first trimester today. Yuck! I thought I was in the clear. Actually, it seems like every time I think I'm in the clear, I keep getting hit again. Maybe I should stop being so boastful?

I have had, so far, a number of typical first trimester symptoms. Two are a little too 'personal' to mention here, so I won't mention them (ahem!) but here are the ones that had the biggest impact (strongest, most frequent, whatever):

Nausea. No surprise. Everyone who's ever watched a movie or a tv show ever probably knows this one. I actually feel pretty fortunate, since I haven't been that sick. I've mostly been eating normally just in smaller more frequent meals. Nothing was really 'off limits though. And I kept the food down, by and large. I just felt a bit like I'd eaten a bad burrito for about 2-4 hours every day from week 6 to week 12.

Tiredness. Exhaustion more like. I slept about 12 hours a day every weekend for a while. And I was going to bed at 9 or 10 on weeknights. I didn't play any sports or dance or anything. I was very very tired. I didn't like being very very tired. It actually made me feel worse in a lot of ways than the nausea.

Weight gain. Also not too surprising. I started right away though. Some folks get a bit of a delay. Not me! I've been a bit too scared to step on the scales lately, so I'm not sure how many pounds I added but my pants are definitely too tight. I'm going to have to switch over to maternity pants any day now. Well, for the rest of the summer I'm hoping to get away with elastic waist skirts and some size 11 shorts! The 'good news' story though -- I've gained as noticeable amount of weight in my chest as in my belly. Hee hee! I haven't grown out of a cup size yet but I can tell that it's gonna happen.. any.. day.. now..

Spotting. Not as common a symptom but one nonetheless. And sadly, it's usually a sign that perhaps things are not going well at all. Added a lot of stress and quite a bit of panic when it happened. Again, I didn't get it too bad. And I probably should have just called Jenn (my friend who's an OB) to get her to calm me down. In the end, after a short stint at the hospital, we find out everything is fine.

Round Ligament Pain. Apparently there are ligaments that hold your uterus in place. Apparently when you're pregnant they can cause pain if you move too fast or something. For me, every once in a while I'll sneeze and get a brutally sharp pain there. Only when I sneeze, but not every time I sneeze. Can't find any correlation. At first I thought I was doing some damage or something. Nope! All normal!

I think I mentioned yesterday that most of my first trimester symptoms were subsiding. That's mostly true other than.. as I said.. today was bad. This morning I barfed. I barfed last Saturday morning too. These are the only two times that I've been sick to my stomach this whole pregnancy so far. And both were accompanied with absolutely no nausea. Just a weird kinda feeling like I might be sick. Can't figure out the possible trigger this morning. Unless there's something about my lasagna that The Bean finds particularly offensive! I sure hope that'll be the end of that though. It's not so fun.

A funnier symptom that's been more noticeable the past couple of days (and is supposed to appear around the 2nd trimester) - "Pregnancy Brain". Something about the hormones makes you forgetful/silly or in my case more forgetful/silly than usual. For example, I had to repeat a sample dilution 3 times yesterday at work because I kept making mistakes (like not labelling or mislabelling my vials before mixing them). This is pretty basic stuff! Oh well. I'm just gonna go with it. I'll embrace senility when it comes too!

And - as Karen points out - I forgot to answer a couple of other popular questions in yesterday's post. Rob and I have chosen to use a midwife for our delivery. Someone Jenn recommended, actually. Her name is Esther and she's really a lot of fun and very knowledgeable. We'll be delivering at East York General Hospital, which is the closest hospital to where we live and the only one that Esther practices at. That's Jenn's hospital too. I had been hoping for Women's College Hospital but the midwife clinic there snubbed me (but that's another story for another day).

We're off to Georgian Bay for a cottage long weekend tomorrow morning. Cannot wait to get out of the city!

Talk to you soon,


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