Friday, June 15, 2007

We're NOT moving

(yes i know it's been near forever since i posted and i realize that an entire dance show is lots of material for posting so much so that i should have been posting daily but i didn't 'cause i was overwhelmed with the dancing but the dancing is over now)

So - Rob and I aren't moving. Betcha didn't even know we were thinking about it! Rob's been in the process of interviewing with a company in the US. They have a few sites so I'm not sure where we would have ended up but it was looking like we'd be going to Seattle. I told Christian, who of course was pretty darned excited about the prospect. I was really proud of Rob making it so far through what is known to be an extremely tough interviewing process.

In any regard, after about two weeks of sleepless nights fretting over the decision, Rob has decided not to continue pursuing a career in the US - or really even outside of Toronto for that matter. Robbie - I hope this means some more rest for you now!

Talk to you soon,



Anonymous said...

Did you wait to tell your mother until the decision was made! Good thing he made the right decision.

Kevin said...

With a provocative comment like that, you would hope the person wouldn't leave themselves as anonymous!

But I must admit, I do have a guess.

Karen Lew said...

I'm sure it was a team decision, not just Rob's, eh?

Anyway, I hadn't read your blog before going over Saturday night or I'd have asked about all of this. Ah well, next time.