Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Fun Weekend

Well, another fun weekend is almost past. Rob and I got to spend quite a lot of time together. On Friday, Rob and I hung out with Kevin and Susanna and when we got home discovered that a sparrow had found it's way into our house sometime that day. The cats weren't too interested in it, I don't think, but the little guy looked like he was injured. I'm not sure if his inability to fly was because of something the cats did to him or not. Regardless, I called Susanna for some advice, packed the sparrow up in a box with some water and set him outside. By morning he had found his way out of the box and was gone. Either that or something else 'helped him out of his box' - it's hard to know really.

Saturday was Nelson and Sarah's wedding - which was a blast. Rob and I had a great time and ate some great food, and did some great dancing. Rob even learned how to cha cha!

Today was another fun day of gardening. We got the rest of our plants in the ground or in their pots. So we're all set for the summer now.

Now it's nap time before I have to go to rehearsal.

Talk to you soon,


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