Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I fell off the truck


So, umm, yeah. I think I've fallen off the truck. It's kind of like a wagon but much bigger and faster.

I haven't knit anything in months!

I'm still really really enjoying reading about knitting, looking at yarn, considering projects, etc. But I haven't actually picked up the needles in a very very long time. Not since that conference I went to at the end of April. And I have oh so many projects to work on! I'm not sure exactly what's come over me but there are at least a few others whose blogs I read who are having a similar problem. In last months Knitty (an online knitting magazine) there was an article dedicated to those times when we get 'stuck' and how to get 'unstuck'.

Truth be told, it's not just the knitting either. I haven't really done anything lately. I feel like since the show ended, it's like I fell down and just haven't gotten back up. I've been taking a little vacation from my 'normal' life. I've hardly even blogged or gardened or baked or or renovated or crafted nearly anything. I have been reading (re-reading the HP series to be truthful, in preparation for the upcoming film and book 7) and visiting friends. That's all. That's it.

Well, hopefully soon I'll get back on the truck. Or maybe I'll start by just climbing up on a bike or something (not quite so fast as a whole truck). In the meantime, bonne chance to all you folks who are still 'gettin' r' done'!!

Talk to you soon,


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Karen Lew said...

Knitting is really more of a cold-weather activity, no? Although, if you're into doing "nothing", sitting on your deck with a project and some tunes might be just the ticket to summer fun.