Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gardening is so satisfying

Rob and I just spent the last 3 hours working - or maybe puttering is a better word - in our garden. I find that kind of thing extremely satisfying. I think it's got all the elements for an excellent project. There's a planning and designing element at the start, choosing the flowers and shapes of the folliage. Then there's the physical part, digging and aerating and pulling. I get to have a little workout as I go. And of course, my favourite part: I get dirty. When it's all done, you have this fantastic 'finished product' that you get to admire for an entire summer.

There's still a bit more to do but we're almost done the planting and aerating. Soon, all we'll have left to do is some periodic weeding and watering.

Here's what we've planted:

- Day lilies from Steve and Ann's house along the fence we share with our neighbours
- Orange pansies in one of the containers in the front garden
- Pink impatients near the sidewalk
- A planter of zinias and million bells for the front door
- Hanging fuschia for the front porch
- A Japanese climbing perrenial for hte back garden by the fence
- Herbs for the planter Derek bought us (Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Mint, Dill, Sage, Savory, Parsley)
- Cherry tomatoes
- Full size tomoatoes (that I'm gonna try to grow upside down)
- Dahlias and pansies for the back garden
- 3 hostas and a fern for the front garden
- A collection of coleus for the big white planters on the back deck

As you can see, we've mostly planted annuals this year. And some basic ones at that. Our garder is really mostly full already. And we mostly have perrenials but they're quite unruly - since we didn't know what we were doing in the fall, we didn't trim back enough. We'll know better for next year. I've been learning a lot!

Talk to you soon,



Karen and Dion said...

My comment was going to be that if I could change one thing in my condo it would be to add a balcony so that I could also do some "gardening". But I don't even have any plants inside. I'd still like a balcony though.

Kevin said...

Yeah, Susanna and I have thought the same thing, it would be nice to have a balcony.