Friday, April 06, 2007

Feeling Spring

I've been feeling very "Spring" this week.

It started last weekend. I was feeling better, having recovered from my cold and had a really great weekend. It was one of those perfectly balanced weekends that has just the right amount of fun, relaxation, and productivity. And the weather was warm last weekend. Despite being grey you could really smell the earth thawing and the trees coming to life. There were worms on the sidewalk.

Then, I've had a really great week. Productive, positive, and generally successful. And dammit it was fun. Yesterday in particular was really great. I had an excellent day at work and then went to rehearsal. It was a swing reherasal and was pretty laid back. Afterward I went out to eat with Kelly .. and .. got asked to be a bridesmaid (bridesmatron?) !!!! I haven't been in a wedding party in a long time. Not since August 2000. What fun!

I've also been trying out some 'new' things. I joined both Facebook and Linked-in yesterday. I'm not sure I'm ready for this level of online networking but we'll give it a shot and see how it goes.

This morning, there has been spring cleaning in preparation for a guest who's coming on Sunday night.

Of course, spring also means showers and into every life a little rain must fall. In my case, it's raining in the ceiling. Blech! Rob and I discovered a wet patch in the ceilin on the second floor directly below our new bathtub and washer. Can you believe it?! Honestly, I just don't know how many more mistakes we're going to find. We called our contractor who says that the earliest he can get the plumber in is on Monday. All I can say, is that this bathroom renovation has gone on far too long.

Talk to you soon,

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