Friday, March 30, 2007


Kevin sent me the quilt pictures last night. This is the quilt that was designed and assembled by Susanna and myself. It was my very first quilt and I would say it was quite a success. I really enjoyed my first quilting experience but expect it had a lot to do with the fact that it was a group effort. I think I will try some more quilts - they certainly are much faster than knitting a blanket that size - but I bet I will always think of this one as the most fun. It was really wonderful working with Susanna again.

Now, for the details of the quilt. I've heard that this pattern is called a modified courthouse steps pattern. We puchased fabric from A Quilter's Palette in Etobicoke and selected the sizes of blocks ourselves. We did the cutting with a fancy new ruler and cutter that my mum gave me for my birthday. After piecing the quilt, we drew where we wanted the quilting lines. Originally we'd planned regular lines an inch apart the whole way through the quilt. In the end we varied the space between the lines, adding an extra dimension to quilt. We used a clear thread for quilting which makes the quilting lines a bit tricky to see in the photos.

We quilted a star in the centre square and did some ditch stitching around many of the blocks (but not all). The batting is a 100% cotton, dense batting. It's not shown in the picture but on the back of the quilt is a cream coloured, waffled cotton (kind of bathrobe material). Su picked out the binding. I really wanted a satin binding because of the fond memories I have still of the satin binding on my childhood 'blankie'. Su bought some satin which she cut (crossgrain) and folded sort of like binding tape. I sewed in on with zigzag stitch.

Now the quilt is in it's home at Karen and Dion's house. It is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Lew. Su and I both hope that he will enjoy the blanket for many, many years and will remember his aunties Su and Becky who can't wait to teach him some dancin' moves for when he outgrows his quilt.

Talk to you soon,



Karen and Dion said...

The photos are great but it looks even more beautiful IRL.

kristin said...

it's a beautiful looking blanket.

sue said...

the quilt!! it looks fabulous. nice work!