Monday, November 13, 2006

A Wrench or Two

Wrench #1: There will be no Internet access at work for at least a week.
This is going to make my daily NaBloPoMo posts a bit more of a challenge than usual. It also means that more than likely, I’ll be posting late in the evening (much like this evening). The reason there won’t be Internet access at work is because we moved, again! We’re back up on campus for now. It’s a short lease but I think they’ll renew it. It’s also a brand new building, a brand new lab, a chair that’s never been sat in, and a desk that’s never been written on.

Wrench #2: Apple redesigned the Shuffle
I went looking around for a new iPod on the weekend, only to discover that Apple redesigned the Shuffle. Sadly, I’m not particularly impressed with the redesign. I suppose I could maybe get used to it but I really did like my old Shuffle. This throws my plans of quickly replacing my mp3 player into a bit of a spin. I’m not sure what to do now: get a refurbished early design shuffle or try to love the new redesign?

That’s more wrenches that I have in my toolbox!

Talk to you soon,


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Kristin said...

try to love the new design - it's on a clip!