Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Negativity is Exhausting

Man - I am seriously, seriously tired tonight. It feels like it's been a really really long couple of days. It's weird though - because when I think it over there wasn't anything particularly tiring going on. We moved at work again, as I mentioned yesterday. So - I was lifting boxes yesterday and today was spent mostly just setting up the new desk and computers. Lifting boxes could be tiring but there weren't any really very heavy ones. And setting up new desks and computers can be mentally very tiring but I took a long lunch and eased myself through it.

So - I gave this a bit more thought and then I think I figured it out. The last two days have been really cranky at work. Morale has been low and there's been more than the necessary amount of grumping around. In some ways they've been typical days in terms of workload it's just that everyone at work has been really unhappy. The vibe was very contagious. So I'm pretty sure that it's the 'energy' at work that's left me feeling 'low on energy'. It feels really hard to drag yourself through the day when everyone around you is all frustrated and complaining. Luckily, things are looking up for tomorrow. We can get back to doing our jobs (which people like) and we're gonna break out the new coffee maker (french press) in the afternoon. Now - if only we had an internet connection ...

Talk to you soon,


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