Sunday, November 19, 2006


I was talking with my friend Sue this afternoon. I really like talking with Sue about life. She's pretty good at it. We were talking about our husbands and marriages a bit and the kind of funny trades you make with your spouse. Or at least, the funny trades we make with our spouses. This is why I like talking to Sue, especially, because she never holds back 'the good stuff'. She's not one of those people who you think must live in some kind of magazine feature. You know she lives like a real life person, just like the rest of us, and it's very enjoyable for me to share experiences with her and to know that even though life is messy and weird that she still loves hers and I love mine (lives and husbands).

Today, Rob and I had to do some 'trading'. I traded going with Rob to visit his sick aunt for putting primer on the ceiling and sanding the last of the nitpicking spots in the windowsill. I painted, he visited alone. It's one of those trades where everyone wins, I think.

Talk to you soon,


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