Saturday, November 18, 2006

HC-115 and HC-27

I'm practically leaving painted finger smudges on the keyboard. Rob and I finally finished the prep work on our den today. The walls were in really bad shape. It's a bit crazy-making trying to fix every hole, drip, and bump left behind by the previous owners of this place. We really want to do a great job but every time we thought we'd got it all, we'd find another. Sheesh. So - about 2 hours ago, we called it quits. No more prepping! We don't care if there are 200 holes we missed! The primer is on the walls!

Ahem - and now we need to make a quick 'it's 7 pm and the store closes at 8' run to Home Depot to buy more primer ..

I really wish I could post some before and after pics. Sadly, I cannot. And it doesn't look like there's gonna be a new cammy here anytime soon. So - you'll have to satisfy your curiosity by going to the Benjamin Moore site.

I can't figure out a way of saving a chip and posting it, so just look through the 'Historical Colour' pallette.

Wall colour: HC-115, Georgian Green
Trim and ceiling colour: HC-27, Monterey White

Talk to you soon,


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