Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I really like lists. And I like checking things off of lists. Remember this post (October 18)? I've decided to post my progress to date on these items. I'm starting to get even more realistic in accepting that some of this might not be 100% done. Obviously, some items are more urgent or deadline driven than others. Also - I've added a few new items to the bottom of the list (in green). While they are new things that I want to try to do before the end of December, they are things that I really really enjoy doing. I'm including them because they're going to make the next few weeks all the more fun if I include them. The tasks I've managed to complete have been striken through (woo hoo!)
  1. Let Rob buy a washing machine and dryer by himself and help him get it installed (stalled until we hire the contractor)(0%)
  2. Buy the tub, the sink, the faucets, counter, cabinetry and remaining odds and ends for our 3rd floor bathroom (stalled until we hire the contractor)(0%)
  3. Find the necessary people to do the functional half of the renovation for our 3rd floor bathroom and leave the esthetic half (painting, new shelves) for winter. (20%)
  4. Fix the muffler on the car (before we drive to Montreal)(100%)
  5. Paint the den (25%, paint is purchased. Will start this weekend)
  6. Get Christian to come to Toronto (0%; still haven’t called)
  7. Go to Meredith’s wedding party in Montreal (100%)
  8. Make 50 candy apples and a pumpkin cake for the party (100%)
  9. Knit some mitts for Gramps (12%)
  10. Produce and perform in a dance show (100%)
  11. Teach 2, one-hour dance classes (100%)
  12. Choreograph and teach a 4 minute beginner tap piece (over 4 weeks from Oct – Nov) (75%)
  13. Choreograph and teach a 4 minute modern duet (over 4 weeks from Nov – Dec) (0%)
  14. Attend rehearsals for 3 new dances (66%)
  15. Submit an application for FIDA (0%)
  16. Buy everyone Christmas presents (10%)
  17. Buy Birthday presents (50%)
  18. Write and mail Christmas cards (5%)
  19. Plan and Prepare Christmas Dinner
  20. Organize a cookie exchange party
  21. Attend a baby shower and buy a baby shower gift (Nov. 12)
  22. Meet with Anne and Glenn
  23. Go to the William Ashley Warehouse (see item 16 and 17)
  24. Go to the “One of a Kind” Craft Show (see item 16 and 17)
  25. Buy and decorate a tree
  26. Decorate the house

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