Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sean Doyle is a Dad!

Yesterday, I bumped into Sean and Cheryl at a Second Cup downtown. Since I hadn’t seen them since before their wedding (2 years ago) we tried to briefly catch-up. Sean’s been working at the same insurance agency as before. Cheryl has been working her same “real-money” job while continuing to teach yoga and pilates. They bought a condo in the east end. And they have a 6-week-old son named Liam. They say “hi” to everyone.

Their friend Irene was also there – who has asked me to say ‘hello’ to any of the Haigers she knows who I might now.

Talk to you soon,


Sean Doyle is a Dad!

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Kevin said...

Sorry, I should have let you know earlier... I'm notoriously bad at passing on information that I get told.

By the way Becky, this might be a little out of date, but you know that guy Rob in the grad lab, I heard he likes you!