Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Love of Grocery Shopping

Blech. It’s been one of those days. It’s been the kind of day where I end up feeling pretty bummed. It started really great. I mean, I had breakfast with Christian. That should say it all! But things went badly very quickly after breakfast.

I want to tell you all about it – but I think not right now. Instead, I’ll tell you that I decided to remedy the problem with comfort food. I ate a really nice sausage, fried onion, and perogy dinner and then I went grocery shopping . So – in a whirl of absolute inanity on par with writing about my dinner, I’m going to tell you what I bought at the grocery store. I'm enamoured with grocery shopping. It's my favourite household chore. I like to stroll through the aisles and look through all of the options, taking in all the colours of the fruits and vegetables. I like to dream about the meals I could cook, the treats I could bake. I went grocery shopping today to make up for a bad day - 'nuff said

(By the way – I would love to hear about what you bought at the last time you were grocery shopping. I think it would be a fun little glimpse into your world)

The List:

1 bag elbow macaroni
block of old cheddar
4 croissants
dried cranberries
PC Organics Mac and Cheese
12 bottles of carbonated water
sun dried tomatoes
veggie salami slices
chicken slices
tomato soup
mandarin oranges
5 Alive
chestnuts (for roasting)
apple sauce
cottage cheese
dishwasher detergent
4 L chocolate ice cream

I would have bought Corn Bran (which I haven’t eaten in years but was feeling nostalgic) but the store I was at didn’t have any.

Talk to you tomorrow with what will hopefully be a much more exciting post.


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