Friday, November 17, 2006

Random Wednesday, I mean Friday

One of the blogs that I read, every once in a while, has “Random Wednesday”. It’s a day where she lets herself off the hook from composing something cohesive and just blurts out however many random things she feels like.

For me, today is “Random Wednesday”, except that it’s Friday, and these are the 5 random things that I felt like talking about today.

  1. Heroes

Rob and I have been watching a show on tv this season called “Heroes”. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it here before or not. It’s definitely my favorite show this season and I think it might be one of the highest rated of the new shows. It’s essentially about a (large and growing) group of people who are discovering that they have some very unique capabilities. You could describe them perhaps as the next evolution of humans. And yes, just like X-men, some of them are trying to use their abilities to save the world and others are, well, not. The show transitions from one character to another and tells the story in an almost comic book or “story board” fashion. In any given episode, you might not even see all of the characters. In some cases, the paths of the various characters cross. The episodes are always intense and exciting and generally focus on ethics and how an otherwise ‘average’ person react to finding out that they can suddenly change the world. What’s extra fun for me is to find out that when I called Christian last Monday night and he was desperate to get off the phone, it wasn’t because he was on his way out but because I’d called during “Heroes”.

  1. Christian

Christian came to Toronto to visit Rob and me on Tuesday. It was fantastic to see him. He met me after work and then we went to the house. After that, we all met up with his friend Jen and went for all-you-can-eat-sushi. Yum, yum. I insisted on paying for dinner – which I now worry was offensive to Christian. It’s just that he’s my younger brother and he’s talking about how the next year is gonna be financially difficult and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe next time, I’ll insist that he buy me dinner. Anyway, we had a good visit. He stayed over, we ate breakfast together, and then both of us had to get to work.

  1. iPods

Somebody told me last night that he heard that the new generation of Apple Shuffles has a defect. Well, he said that he heard that something like 50% of all shipped Shuffles have a constant low hiss when playing. I’m trying to find out if there’s any truth to the rumour. If that’s the case, I’m definitely getting a refurbed 1st generation shuffle. I found this today.

  1. Outlook

My outlook is much sunnier today. I’m feeling better and am looking forward to a weekend full of painting.

  1. Dancing

Last night was the end of “Round 2” at PushPull. Our season is divided into six “rounds” where we rehearse 4 or 5 pieces in each round, getting 4 1-hour rehearsals per piece in that round. At the end of each round we have a “review night” where we have 10 or so minutes to perform all of the pieces we should know by now. So far, I’ve “learned” 5 of the pieces that I’m in this year. Not bad, considering I’m only in 10. And of the 4 pieces I’m choreographing, I’ve finished 1. That was the large group beginner tap piece. I did something similar last year. This year we're dancing to "Don't You Tell Me" by Sapphire: The Uppity Blues Women(check them out if you like Blues. These ladies rock!). The dancers worked just as hard, if not harder, this year and it already sounds pretty good in parts. Last night was the last teaching rehearsal. I think I like it – although it’s hard to tell so far since we’re all just barely remembering it at this point. I can’t wait to see it come together over the rest of the year.

Talk to you soon,



Kern said...

I don't know if it's because you'd just been talking about iPods, but when I saw the heading "Outlook", I fully assumed you were referring to Microsoft Outlook; I was mentally composing a response before my eyes even hit the first sentence (not an Outlook fan) and realized that's not what you meant at all.

Wow, was that the most inane comment ever, or what?

Kern said...

Since you posted this Blog entry I've watched the first seven episodes of "Heroes".

It's EXACTLY the sort of show I would want to make if I were, you know, doing that.