Monday, November 27, 2006

Couch Hunting

I’m on the lookout for a new couch to go with the freshly painted den on our 2nd floor. I haven’t ever purchased a couch before so I’m not really sure where to look. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve seen a few that I like. Of course, the first couch that I really, really loved was at Montauk. But then I saw the price tag! Here are the ones that I’ve seen that are front-runners for now:

Salema at EQ3 in Jack (tan or mocha) or Deacon (pumice)
Flip at Urban Barn (I like the Van Gogh sofas)

I still want to go to that furniture store on Dupont at Ossington before I decide.

Talk to you soon,


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tat2boy said...

Hey Rebecca,
Did you ever decide on a couch? I just ordered the EQ3 Salema Sectional for my media room and as I was googling for Salema reviews, I saw your Blog. Did you decide on the Salema? If so are you happy with it?