Sunday, November 26, 2006

Action Packed Weekend

Tired. Tired. Tired today. I’m getting beaten up a little by this cold I have. I’ve been out most of today. First, to see “Grease!” at the Leah Poslun’s Theatre, produced by The Yorkmistrels. There were quite a few cast members from when I did “West Side Story” in “Grease!”. Of a cast of around 24, I have performed with 17 of them before. Great show! Lots of fun! Brought back lots of fond memories of those guys and of course, the stage. We all went out for dinner afterward before I had to head off to class. Tonight’s class was “Stretch and Strengthen” – essentially Pilates. I’m stretched and strengthened, now!

Meanwhile, back at home, Rob’s been painting! He finished two coats on the walls. With that done, there’s only touch-up left to do and then the pulling off of the masking tape. I always find the masking tape part a little nerve racking. “Did the paint drip underneath? Will it look ok? Will the latex peel and ruin it all?” We’ll see! I’m liking the colour a lot. It just smells really stinky in here.

Yesterday Sue came here with here baby Cecilia and we tromped around the city. We had coffee at Starbucks, shopped at Trove, Midoco, the Annex Craft Fair (at the Tranzac Club), and at Lettuce Knit (twice). We lunched at The Rice Bar. When we shopped at Lettuce Knit, Cecilia got to model the cool poncho that Sue knit for her (based on Knitting Pure and Simple's Child's poncho #243 but in rainbow stripes). It was great, great fun!

Talk to you soon,


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Kern said...

Mmm... Grease...

I saw a commercial recently that featured the song "Greased Lightning" and it brought back all those memories of the summer when I (as far as I can recall) did nothing but watch "Grease" over and over and over again.