Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I just wrote a 300 word essay about the medical field and Blogger lost it.


talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Crap! All that effort.
Well since there was no essay today, I took your link to Mason-Dixon Knitting - oooh that was fun - do you have their book???


Kern said...

I HATE that!

One reason I love the new Firefox is because on the old one, if I wrote a huge Blog entry, tried to post it and an error occured, everything was lost. Hitting "back" would take me to a blank form.

I actually got in the habit of writing my whole blog entry in a text file, and then pasting it into my browser, just to be safe.

But in Firefox 2.x, the content of form fields are saved so you can go back and try again.

That was kind of a commercial, I guess. :)