Friday, June 23, 2006

Al Campbell

I pulled a modified Al Campbell last night.

Al was my gramps. He was a big fan of "Canadian Tire, Wire, and Rope". He used to go by and take stock of the inventory on a weekly basis. When he retired, I think it was daily. He could spend a good two hours wandering around, checking things out.

Last night, I visited Home Depot. I don't need anything from there. I wasn't intending to buy. But I was looking for inspiration. I spent about an hour and a half wandering around the Home Depot, imagining all the fun things I could build and incorporate into the new house. And I didn't even really stop at the paint section other than to learn about waterproofing the deck. I could have easily spent another good 45 minutes if I'd hung out around paint section.

Here's where I spent most of my time:
- plywood: I'm thinking of retopping my ikea tables to make them desks
- tile: the kitchen needs some new tile. I was hoping that they'd have our tile so that I would know that we could replace a few without having to tear it all out
- wainscotting: I was thinking about fashioning a headboard out of some mdf wainscotting
- lighting: our place needs a lot of lighting
- metal framing: there's a cool bookshelf I saw made out of metal house framing
- styrofoam: HD sells big pieces of styrofoam, cheaper than the cake store, that I could use as cake bases.

It was such a fun night!!!!!

Talk to you soon,



Kern said...

We are all defined (or rather stereotyped) by the stores where we "hang out" just 'cause.

You may be changing into a home-improvement-nerd. :)

Personally, I'm a lifelong book'n'techno-nerd.

Rebecca said...

From what I hear -- all first time homebuyers go through a "phase" where they walk around Home Depot without really knowing why.


I'm sure I'll grow out of it eventually

Mum said...

Always did say you spent way too much time with grandpa!!! Believe me he is looking down from above and is so very happy. Although it still wasn't Canadian Tire - you spent a lot of time there during your early university years. But shame on you for not shopping Canadian. Home Hardware would be much better - that's the one I walk around for hours.