Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Rain = Bad skiing

It's Raining in Whistler. It's Raining in Whistler.
Not such great ski conditions.
Good conditions for sitting inside an internet cafe.

Too expensive to say much.

Thinking of you all.

Karen if you called the other day .. I didn't get the message.

Christian looks good.

Kevin are you going to send us our Secret Santa names or what?

More once we get to Victoria (Friday)

Talk to you soon,


Karen and Dion said...

I'll update my blog when you update yours... :P

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Kevin said...

Mandy, can a blog really be "inquisitive"? Seems like a strange choice of words. I guess it could be "inquisitive", but I have a feeling you were simply advertising your own 'blog... shame on you mandyflynn7095.

eXtreme Sports said...

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