Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dinner Party

We had a couple of friends over for dinner last night. It's the closest thing to a proper dinner party we've had in a little while. It took me waaay longer to cook than I thought it would, so dinner was a bit late. Normally wouldn't be too big a deal but the kiddos were getting hungry and a little cranky. I haven't prepared a dinner party in a while, so I forgot how long it takes to put together something a little more complicated than what we normally make for dinner. Once everyone got to eat, it turned out pretty well.

We made Pad Thai, Basil Beef with Eggplant (loosely based on this recipe), and Yellow Curry Vegetables and Tofu.

I definitely still need some practice, but I am getting better at preparing Thai food. And I have enough leftover lemongrass, lime leaves, Thai Basil, and Thai chilies that we could probably eat Southeast Asian food all week! Not that the family would be interested in doing such a thing, but I'm seriously tempted to make Pad Thai for 2 weeks straight, until I perfect it.

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