Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu for February 14, 2011 - February 20, 2011

This weeks dinner is a little light. We're getting take-out for Valentine's Day and then my Mum will be cooking for us on the weekend, if our plans hold-up. On Sunday, I have an early rehearsal, which means that I'll end up grabbing something on my way there and Rob and the kiddos will have to fend for themselves. That'll mean "instant-dinner" for them. We keep a few items on hand for these sort of days. It's often stuff we've made ahead and frozen. Sometimes it's take-out. Sometimes its just leftovers from during the week. Sometimes it's a ham and cheese grilled sandwich. Kind of a scavenger sort of night that often involves cleaning out the refrigerator and/or freezer.

Monday - Pho and Bun from the local Vietnamese restaurant
Tuesday - Breakfast for dinner: Waffles, sausages, fruit salad
Wednesday - Roasted pork tenderloin, polenta, minted green peas
Thursday - Enchiladas, rice and beans
Friday - Calzones and salad
Saturday - My Mum is cooking
Sunday - "Instant dinner"

Talk to you soon,


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