Monday, February 28, 2011

Julia's Baptism

Yesterday was Julia's baptism. She was lovely. Even her big sister thought she looked really pretty and told her so. Like Clare, Julia was baptized during Mass at the church in our neighbourhood. We had a small luncheon afterward back at our place.

In so many ways, the day was really wonderful. It snowed overnight a really light and fluffy snow and then warmed up during the day, so the trees and houses were covered in a thick dusting of white but it wasn't cold. It was my favorite kind of winter weather - the kind you don't usually see in Toronto in February. Julia was alert through most of the ceremony and the Mass. During the first part of the rite the Priest had to rub a small amount of oil on Julia's chest. He got a little close to her neck and she totally giggled. While still a fairly serious looking kiddo, she's always happy.. and giggling at the Priest seemed to be exactly what I'd expect from her.

All of the kids in attendance were excellent at the church. All of them demonstrating patience and good manners - Clare included. And they all played together really well at the lunch too.

The thing that mostly had me feeling all warm and fuzzy was the community we had with us. A baptism is really a community event. It's kind of like Julia's one-month party. It's nice to look around and see the friends and family who are in her life, these people who will help us shape the kind of girl she's going to be. And even better - the people who come to our house and are comfortable there - bringing food, or making tea, or relaxing and making themselves entirely at home.

We asked our friend Marylynne to be Julia's Godmother and my brother Christian to be her Godfather. I'm certain that they'll be excellent role models for her as she grows up. ML to remind her to be good to her Mum and Dad and Christian to remind her to travel, live life, and be herself. A good balance, no?

Here we all are - parents, godparents, and the babe

The babe of the hour!

Talk to you soon,

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