Monday, January 31, 2011

Drowning in Clothes

Is it just because we now have three girls living in our house? I feel like I'm absolutely drowning in clothes. We're at a critical stage right now with each of us girls managing about 2 entire wardrobes. Julia has outgrown the smallest size of clothes, so we've brought the bigger size into rotation but I haven't properly washed and boxed up the smaller stuff. Clare's in the same situation – outgrowing the size 2 clothes, so size 3 is in rotation but I haven't yet boxed up her size 2 clothes as I sort through what's still wearable and what isn't.

Well, then there's me. I'm wearing some of my pre-pregnancy clothes but not all of them. I've got stuff everywhere. Maternity clothes and elastic waisted pants mixed in with some of my more 'generous' other clothes. And it's not just the pants. There are two whole sets of undergarments – some that fit now, some that used to fit that I hope will fit again someday. Two whole sets of shirts, again, the ones I can wear now (there aren't many that fit AND are long enough to hide the elastic-waist pants!) and the ones that I'd like to be able to wear soon. Not to mention an entire class of clothes that I don't want to get rid of but I'm not wearing now: dresses. Can't breastfeed easily when you're wearing a dress. There are piles of clothes all over the place that I'm trying to sort through every day. There just isn't room in the closets for all of this!

And don't even get me started on trying to find a matching pair of baby socks in all this mess.

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

I so hear you. Right now I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl just so that I know whose clothes I can get rid of FOREVER. Now part of the drowning around here is related to the fact that NOone has put away any clothes for about three weeks. Finding matching socks OMG.(There IS an agreement on this task in the division of labour but let's not get into that, shall we?)

Here's hoping that Julia get to be on the tall side for her age and that Clare is on the small side so that, at least for a while, they can share most of a wardrobe.

Rebecca said...

So far, in the span of their respective lives, each of them has been measuring in around 50th percentile. Not sure I'm gonna get lucky in this regard.

Katie A said...

Ayden has TONS of clothes too, some are his, a bunch are borrowed and he is growing out of all of them SOOOOOO fast.
As for me... I have not even looked at pre-pregnancy clothes. I bought a bunch of nursing tops, so that is all I am wearing these days. I am dreading having to unpack the other boxes to see what fits and what doesn't