Saturday, January 15, 2011

Birthday Cake

The cake didn't turn out quite as dramatic or as fanciful as I had envisioned. If I hadn't felt so rushed, I know that I could have done a better job. But, my little girl said "ooh Mummy, I love it! I love it!" I count it among my successes. Even better was that she spent about and hour with me in the kitchen this morning making the icing and assembling the first few layers. We had fun and I loved having her company.

Clare's favorite colour right now is purple. Should have made more of the purple butterflies. Regardless, she ate every single one of those bugs. She's the birthday girl, so she's allowed, right?

The inside of the cake. It was a tall cake.

Happy Birthday, Baby!
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kristin said...

what an awesome cake. yum, my mouths is watering. happy birthday clare!

Pamela said...

that's amazing! kudos Mama & happy birthday Clare! =)

Eve said...

i love this cake. and tall? you're not kidding. i loved how it was all white and then inside it was such a surprise! can't judge Becky's cake by it's icing...oh you know what i of those books by its cover thingys!
the colours are so bright---PERFECTION!

Jesse said...

That's sooo cool!

Katie A said...