Friday, April 09, 2010

How embarassing

I've had to take care of a few 'personal business' items lately -- calling the bank, the cable company, the dentist, etc... and I've been doing that from my desk phone. Normally I would call from my cell phone except that, well, I can't find it right now and it's out of batteries so I can't call it either. So, I've been making these couple of personal calls from my desk phone. Which is kind of inappropriate business etiquette but not exactly embarassing, right? So, what's so embarrassing? When I call, they inevitably ask for my bithdate including year! It nearly kills me every time I have to utter those four digits knowing that quite likely everyone in the vicinity can hear me. And knowing that all of those ears are probably at least 5 years younger than mine!

Talk to you soon,


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Ollie Amireh said...

Age is just a number, bud!