Sunday, December 27, 2009

And so it begins

I'm not sure if it's because Clare is out of her routine, or because she's maturing, or what.. but we're starting to have conversations like this:

Clare: Outside!
Me: Ok. Let's go outside. Here ya go, here's your jacket, let's put on your jacket.
Clare: No!!!
Me: We're going outside. Let's go..
Clare: No!!!!
Me: Ok.. so we'll stay inside?
Clare: No!!!
Me: Ok.. so, outside?
Clare: No!!!
Me: Inside?
Clare: No!!!
Me: Outside! Outside! Outside?
Clare: No!!!

By the end of it all, Clare is most likely crying and might even be on the floor or ground thrashing around. I'm usually kinda freaked out and extremely confused and entirely unsure how to go forward. I'm afraid that this is the way it's gonna be for some years to come.

Oh, and also - she keeps calling me "Becky!"


Talk to you soon,


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