Friday, September 18, 2009

I Think She Means Block

I know, it's totally low-class humour to laugh at a little kid mispronounce something. But, what can I say, I kind of find it just a smidge hilarious. In a rare moment of brilliance and Clare's cooperation, I managed to convince her to repeat her mispronounced word long enough to get it on video.

** Parental warning: inappropriate content ahead.

Clare tires quickly of performing for me. And really, all she wants is to get her hands on that camera!

Talk to you soon,



T M Conroy said...

You funny :)
I love you how are trying not to crack up saying "tell mom again" and you can tell that Clare is starting to doubt herself. Cute.

Rebecca said...

Hee. Yeah, I almost felt bad asking her to repeat herself because she just kept trying harder to say it clearer.. as if I couldn't understand her or something. Poor child - scarred for life.


Pam said...

too cute...

i've also heard a similar version of "dump truck"... ;)