Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Day in the Life -

I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse into the life of Miss Clare -

6:15 am - Wake-up and start crying in an attempt to get Mum and Dad to come and get me.
6:17 am - Throw Mr. Bun overboard and cry harder to see if this will work better.
6:18 am - Yep. It worked. Dad's carrying me downstairs to the kitchen. I'm shaking with excitement as I watch my bottle of milk get heated up. 10-9-8-7...3-2-1!
6:30 am - We all cuddled in bed while I drank my milk. Nice, but kind of crowded!
6:45 am - Mum's in the shower, dad's getting me dressed. Has anybody noticed that I emptied the drawer in the bedroom yet? Where's that cat?
7:01 am - Ahh.. yogurt. I like eating it from a spoon but will happily use my fingers to get the rest out of the bottom. Toast is good too.
7:20 am - Strapped in the stroller, on my way to daycare with Dad by TTC. I took my shoes off twice before he could get me out the door. Not sure why he keeps insisting. Think if I try it again, it'll be funny this time?
7:40 am - Carmela! Toys! Friends!
8:00 am - More breakfast. Any minute now will be dancing time, craft time, singing time, stroller time. I'll be too busy to write.
11:30 - LUNCH!!
12:00 - Taking a nap.
2:30 - Awake, out for a walk. Feeding the birds is fun but the slide, swings, and teeter totter are much better.
4:45 - Mum's here to pick me up. I wave (and say) bye to all the folks at daycare. Change my shoes for outside, grab my back pack and hit the road.
4:50 - Despite furious wiggling and a fit of tears, I'm still stuck in this carseat. Misery.
5:00 - Home and playing in my sandbox. Definitely a good part of the day.
5:30 - Dinner time. Still not sure why I can't sit in Mum's lap when I eat, it would make eating off of her plate so much easier.
5:50 - Bubbles, jumping on the bed, playing with blocks,
6:30 - Oh how I loathe the bath. They won't let me bring Mr. Bun or Binky in here. This sucks. GET ME OUT!
6:45 - PJs, bottle, cuddle, song, bed. ahhhh.
7:00 - I've lost Binky! Biiiinnnky!!! BINKY!!! Ok. phew. Dad brought it back to me. Night night.

Talk to you soon,


Karen Lew said...

Awesome writing.

My favourite line: "Despite furious wiggling and a fit of tears, I'm still stuck in this carseat. Misery."

kristin said...


T M Conroy said...

"8:00 am - More breakfast."

A third breakfast before I've even started hitting snooze. Impressive.