Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well Timed Newsletter

In part because of the cold and breathing trouble Clare had last week (if you didn't read it yet, that post is below this one) she also cut two more teeth. Do I need to tell you what kind of a week we had? I almost thought that girl had forgotten how to laugh. She also fell asleep immediately after dinner a couple of times (cuddled up with Rob or I on the couch which was kind of nice) - she was just so exhausted. On the weekend, the exhaustion kind of peaked in a fit of frustration that lead directly to a tantrum; a full-blown, holy-cow-why-did-i-sign-up-for-this kind of tantrum.

Rob and I handled the first one terribly. The second one, we managed a bit better. The third one, better still. On Monday, we received our monthly parenting newsletter wherein the topic for 'parents of 16 month olds' was 'how to avoid and deal with tantrums'. How well timed!

Thanks to Clare for those very thoughtful lessons in parenting! We're all lucky that no one got hurt! (jokes!)

Our girl has some very strong emotions. She's determined and has a strong will. Teaching Clare how to manage her frustration in light of these other qualities, might very well be what keeps us busy for years to come.

Talk to you soon,


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