Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our First ER Visit

Last Monday, Clare wasn't breathing well. She had chest congestion from a cold (incidentally, I believe that I now have that same cold and I'm pretty skeptical about ultimate). We called Telehealth Ontario to ask them if she could go to daycare or if we needed to go to a walk-in clinic. They sent us to the ER. Damn! That was not the answer we were looking for. And we knew she didn't need the ER, not really. But when a health 'expert' suggests that you take your child there, you feel powerless to refuse.

So, Clare had her first trip to the hospital.

The ER doctor gave her some Ventalin and her breathing improved almost immediately. He prescribed some for us to take home but the doses that I gave her didn't ever seem to make much improvement. Luckily, her breathing corrected itself by Wednesday.

I think next time, we'll try to trust our own judgement a bit better.

Talk to you soon,


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Pam said...

sorry to hear that clare wasn't well... it is scary when your kids are sick and you always want to err on the side of caution... having said that of all the times i've called telehealth (and believe me, i've called quite a few times over the years for all 3 kids) 9 times out of 10 they've suggested we go to ER. Now we've found a walk-in clinic that's open till 12am everyday, and we try to go there first...
in any case, clare's lucky to have parents like you guys! =)