Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some bits of Randomness

I almost forget already all of the fun activities Rob and I have been doing since Advent started. The most recent ones that I wanted to share were 'buying surprise gifts for each other ($5 max)" and "watch 'It's a Wonderful Life.' " We watched the movie last night and this morning I'm enjoying my double tall, extra hot, non-fat, no-foam latte with the hand made, recycled, reusable felt coffee sleeve that Rob gave me as my surprise. Lovely.

Yesterday, one of my coworkers was commenting on knitting as a fad that comes and goes. I can see how to some it would seem like just another fad. Even me, I kind of expect it to die down one day and significantly diminish in the mainstream. Given all of the things knitting has going for it this time around though, I think it will last longer than in previous waves. If I think really hard about it though, I start to worry that the supply of great yarn will dry up if many people quit knitting. All last night and a bit this morning, I've had this incredible urge to take up spinning and dyeing IMMEDIATELY. You know, just in case business stop making nice yarn.. at least I could make my own! (FYI, this is how you know you've kind of lost it)

Yesterday was also the first day since Clare's birth that I preferred to be at work than at home. Clare's going through a bit of a 'testing' phase. She growls and snarls and whines and cries and sometimes get grabby if she wants to have something or do something that she's not allowed. I stick to my guns but it's just so tiring sometimes to trail after her for hours trying to dissuade her from opening the wine cabinet and begging her to play with one of her soft blocks. After a weekend of this, I was ready to have some quiet time in my office catching up on paperwork.

Rob and his Mom had a bit of a tussle on the telephone last night about some of his parenting decisions. They are both still kind of upset with eachother. I know that they'll be okay because they've argued before and they always fix it and because they are very open about the fact that they love eachother and respect eachother even when they argue. And anyway, it's all part of the circle of life. Someday Rob and I will be annoying Clare to no end, offending her with our unsolicited parenting advice. It's just the way things go. That's why it makes it easier for me to say that I was so relieved last night to hear them, for a change it wasn't ME!

Even more randomly, I was listening to a Podcast in which a gentleman was being interviewed and the topic was knitting. The Podcast was produced in Portland, Oregon. The gentleman who was the interviewee lives in Chicago, Illinois. In a complete non-sequitor, the interviewer said that after reading one of his blog posts, the interviewee had turned her on to the fabulous music of Isabel Bayrakdarian an opera singer from Toronto, Ontario who studied Biomedical Engineering in Eng Sci the year ahead of me.

Talk to you soon!


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