Friday, December 19, 2008

Rob and I are Different

One thing that I've learned since Rob's been on parental leave is how very differently we approach the world.

Ok.. just kidding. I've known that for years!

It has been sometimes wonderful and sometimes desperately annoying to watch Rob manage the house and care for Clare all in his own way. Somehow I thought that I'd try to lay this foundation for him and that he'd just step in and keep on going with it. Of course, it hasn't worked that way at all.

One example is the blog. I thought Rob would really enjoy the opportunity to write frequently, especially about his newest favorite topic: Clare. I thought that his perspective on the blog would be really great to read and he's certainly more well spoken than I am. But he just never really got into the habit. It's not his thing. And that's ok, really. Though, for crying out loud already, would he just post those pictures for me!!!

Talk to you soon,


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