Friday, October 10, 2008

Updated Picasa Album

I've been updating my Picasa albums this morning, while Clare was napping. They are ready for viewing. This picture was meant for evidenciary purposes: she does indeed have 4 teeth.

I haven't been great these past few months at getting pictures of her in all the outfits given to us as gifts but I think I've captured a lot of them. The most disappointing one is that we had a favorite dress that Goo Ma bought Clare that she wore all the time and I forgot to get a picture other than with my cell phone.

Also - I've been a bit lax about updating the Picasa album. It's been a busy few months. Hopefully, Rob will be willing to step it up when he takes over the parental leave on October 20th. Yep, that soon and I'm back to work. I'm trying not to think about it today.

Talk to you soon,

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