Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Childcare Conundrum

I've entered the next phase of finding childcare for Clare. We've been on 5 waiting lists since August 2007. The thing is, it seems like it doesn't really matter. We need a spot to open up in January or February 2009. It seems like spots don't open that often. In the winter months it's only happens if someone is moving or relocating.. something like that. Then, as it turns out, other people who've been waiting for a spot get priority. For example, siblings of children who are already in that daycare or children who's parents work for nearby government agencies.

I called around today and it looks like we're about 3rd - 5th on the waiting list at the various daycares. Regardless, most of the daycare centres have a 3-4 week time frame for parents to 'give notice' if they are moving/leaving. That means that the earliest they would know if a spot was available is sometime in December. Most of the people I talked to today seemed skeptical about a spot even coming available.

So, now what? I can keep waiting, I guess, and just see what happens. I'd like to know I have a back-up plan. I'm not so good at just leaving it alone though. I'd like to do something. I guess this is why almost everyone I know has a nanny or family members for childcare. It feels like an impossible situation.

I know that there are children in daycare in Toronto. But seriously, how did they get there?

Talk to you soon,

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Pam said...

hang in there becky... i'm sure it'll all work out, and any place would be lucky to have clare! =)