Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Lovely Weekend

I had a long and late rehearsal last night so I didn't get a chance to post about the weekend.

It started on Friday just before Rob got home from work. Clare came outside with me and she sat in her Bumbo while I did some gardening and we chatted a while. Rob was kind of late coming home from work even though I knew he left early (I was pretty sure he was 'up to something'). When he did get home we packed up Clare and strolled down to Queen Street for dinner. We had a great dinner and the girl managed to stay mostly entertained in her stroller so that Rob and I could eat comfortably. We had a leisurely walk back home with a brief stop to pick up some "Baby cakes". At home, Clare went to bed without hardly a peep and then Rob and I caught up on the Thursday night tv we'd missed the night before.

Saturday, I totally skipped out on my chores. I had a tonne of stuff that I was supposed to do but I was so happy to have Rob home that I just wanted to hang out with him all day. I was practically desperate for his company. We had a slow morning with naps and some good food. We went out for a walk again in the afternoon for a walk around the Danforth. There was a fun fair going on that we visited that included cotton candy, popcorn, and home baked cookies. We picked up some groceries and found a better source of diapers for Clare. We got back home in time for me to cook dinner: buttered peas, ravioli in an olive oil and lemon sauce, and artichokes. Then, Clare and I got ourselves ready to meet up with Kevin and Su for the Alexander Singers show, Guys and Dolls. Clare slept through almost all of it but I thought it was fantastic!

Sunday was the big day of course. Rob made pancakes for breakfast and Clare and I slept in a bit. We had a relaxing enjoyable breakfast during which I received the best Mother's Day card EVER and the word that my gift was on the way but hadn't made it through the mail quite yet. After breakfast we were joined by my Mum and Ron. We just chilled out all day. Clare was suffering from a cold pretty badly on Sunday, actually. It started around Thursday night and got progressively worse over the weekend. She was coughing a lot on Saturday night and was pretty miserable looking by Sunday. Despite all that, she was in pretty good spirits but did need a bit more attention than usual. Actually, she needed A LOT of attention and was having trouble eating with her stuffy nose. I had to pump and feed her from a bottle 'cause it was easier for her. I was glad my Mum was around to help out. After I went to rehearsal Rob said that she cried most of the evening.

We decided to skip yoga this morning because of Clare's cold. It was a smart decision. Though she was much less stuffy and wasn't coughing as bad, she was still having a tough day. She needed a lot of holding today which meant that I got some good use out of my sling. Clare did get a lot of sleep today, though. She took a couple of longer naps and it seemed that by early afternoon she was turning a corner. However, this afternoon was her 4 month check-up at the doctors. She's doing great but had to get the second of the MMR shots. This time she cried pretty hard when the needles went in. And she's been whiny and tearful ever since. It was nearly impossible to get her to sleep tonight. I'm glad that we had such a relaxing weekend. I really needed all the energy I could get for today! Rob tried explaining to Clare that he also has this bad cold that she had AND had to get a shot today, but HE didn't cry so perhaps she could stop crying. His reasoning with her didn't work.

Clare's check-up stats: Weight = 13 lbs 8.5 oz. Height = 24 inches

Talk to you soon,

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Karen Lew said...

Happy Mother's Day, Rebecca.

Way to grow, Clare!