Monday, May 19, 2008

Covering the Full Range of the Emotional Spectrum

I've been feeling a little sad today. A close friend of ours is going through what I would consider a family tragedy. Her nephew who is about a year old, has been very very sick. The family had some hope for a while that it might not be too bad but they are starting to accept the reality of the situation: they are never going to get their little boy back the way he was. How bad the situation is, no one can say for sure - his brain has been severely damaged. It's like a punch in the chest and I don't even know the child all that well. I guess at this time in my life I'm so sensitive to hearing stories about sick kids. The feeling is just terrible and I can't seem to shake it today. I feel so sad for the family and for the little boy.

Ironically, as I think about this, I'm dealing with an entirely different event. I'm also working on a wedding cake. I'm trying to think of all the joy that a wedding brings and focus on the happy stuff so that I'll stop feeling sad about the bad stuff. There's a lot going on in my head today - it's a battle for my emotional state!

Talk to you soon,


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