Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PushPull Charity Event a Success

Last week PushPull hosted an evening of fun for charity. The event was called "Patchwork" and was a mixed media event held at Revival Nightclub to raise money for Sketch: a group that is creating opportunities for street involved and homeless people ages 15-29, to engage in the arts in a cross-discipline studio environment or in the community. There was a DJ as well as a bunch of truly excellent live talent - singers, bands, dance groups. There were also artisan booths, selling some great crafts and inventions and a silent auction. It all came together to provide attendees with loads of entertainment. The door charge pretty well covered the expense of renting out Revival and hiring staff. The silent auction - with items all donated by PushPull dancers, their employers and/or friends made about $600 (is that right Karen?) all of which went straight to Sketch!

I donated a silent auction item myself and was very proud to say that it was one of the coveted items. I donated some handmade (by me) dark chocolate truffles, enough chocolate and a recipe so that the winner could make his/her own dark chocolate truffles, as well as a 'gift certificate' for a 2 hour in home lesson on making truffles and working with chocolate (taught by me, also). The only 'catch' is - the winner was Karen from Yarn for Brains. She's and Engineering Science graduate like myself (though I don't admit it often) and a good friend from PushPull. Since she's someone who's very familiar with material science - I'm gonna have to do some serious brushing up on the science behind the chocolate work. And I thought I was going to get off easy doing a basic chocolate lesson! Yikes!

I attended the event and had a spectacular time! I 'won' the pictured necklace in the auction as part of a package. I think I'm going to gift the other half of the package to my Mum for Mother's Day - so I can't show that online. The necklace was made by Joanna Maree Sipos, the woman behind Belle Boutique.

Talk to you soon,

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Karen said...

Yes, indeed! We in fact made $605 at the silent auction, and it all went to Sketch! They were very happy, and we're looking forward to an even better turn-out next year :D

And I've forgotten a lot of my materials stuff since leaving school, so I'm probably not the one to worry about. That title probably goes to Elaine (remember her from IBBME?), as she has recently gone back to school for her PhD. We're currently trying to figure out our schedules, and it's looking like we might not have time to all get together until August!