Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Not the animals - the socks. The sock pattern I've been knitting is called "Monkey". And I finished one sock on the weekend and cast-on for the second while at rehearsal on Sunday. Sadly and foolishly (it was very late and I was very tired!) I left my knitting at rehearsal! Ian picked it up for me, so it isn't lost - but I've had no socks to knit on all week. Hence the multiple blog posts today (keep scrolling down at the end of this..there are a couple of others from today down below).

Anyway - this is the picture I took of the first sock in progress and and up close shot of the lace and texture. I'll get working on the second sock after tomorrow night! This does give Karen a bit of an advantage. Karen - from Yarn for Brains - and I are having a bit of a 'Monkeys' knit along. We cast-on around the same time. Well, I got a bit of a head start. She's caught up already though and will likely be taking the lead now that I've been waylaid and my in-laws are no longer here and doing chores has cut into my knitting time!

Talk to you soon,


Karen said...

Actually, I've been waylaid by PushPull costume stuff, so I haven't even cast on my second sock yet! You may yet beat me to finishing :)

sue said...

I love the Monkey socks. After I get a couple of boring socks done, I'm going to do them too!