Monday, April 07, 2008

Gift for Myself

Rob's parents gave me some money this year for Christmas and for my Birthday. The Christmas gift money Rob and I usually jointly decide on what to buy. This year we got a patio set for our deck.

Anyway.. I've been savoring all the various ideas for spending my birthday money for a couple of months now. I considered saving it for when I felt skinny enough to buy my first pair of 'after baby' jeans and really splurging on a fancy pair. However, I'm getting a bit worried about slowly spending the money out of my account and not actually gifting myself something. So, I've narrowed down the field a bit and have decided to buy something for my knitting projects. I wanted to get some new needles and really really wanted the KnitPicks Options (Harmony tipped or steel?). However, I have a lot of projects on the go - all of which already have needles in them. I'm thinking that I won't get any new needles until some of these projects get finished. If I get new needles, I'll need to start a new project so that I can try them out. New needles will be a gift after I've finished some projects.

I have decided instead to buy a knitting bag. Since the money is a birthday gift, it's enough that I can splurge a little on a more special bag than I would have normally purchased for myself. I've been doing reading of reviews and thinking about how I tend to use bags. I've settled on a tote/shoulder bag. The messenger bag I carry every day, every where, is more compatible to being carried with a tote. (This also helps me compartmentalize, as I like to do, a bag for every task.. then mix and match which bags to carry on any given outing. I dislike repacking every time I go out for fear that I'll forget something.)

Though they are two very different styles of bag, I am very attracted to the features of the Swift bag from Tom Bihn and the Malibu bag from Namaste. Now - I just need to pick the bag and the colour. That should only take me another two weeks!

Talk to you soon,


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