Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snowed In

I've been reading everyone else's blog about the fun snowy days they had this weekend. The weather was beautiful and I love to play in the snow! But for us - we've mostly been snowed in.

Rob and I were supposed to go downtown on Friday to meet up with my work friends for lunch and to do a bit of shopping. Given that we're still not really pros at getting around with a newborn, the added complication of the storm was too much and we bailed. Since I'd stayed in on Wednesday and Thursday, trying to 'take it easy' knowing that Friday was supposed to be the big day out, it nearly killed me to stay inside on Friday, especially with all that beautiful snow everywhere! To get some reprieve, my brother Mac stayed with Clare for an hour Friday night so that Rob and I could go out to pick up dinner. Mac stayed with us for a few days so that he could hang out with his niece. It relieved my 'itch' to get outside, if only briefly. Needless to say, I practically leapt at the opportunity to shovel Saturday morning while Clare was sleeping. Despite the desperate urgings of my mother not to lift the snow - I HAD HAD HAD to get outside. It was a wonderful hour!

Otherwise, I've been locked up in the house, visiting with friends who came by, spending time with Mum and Mac, crafting, and watching movies. We saw "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Stardust" this weekend. Despite having heard mixed reviews about Stardust, Rob and I really enjoyed it. It's not exactly a genre that I normally go for - Fantasy/Romance - but it was well written, well acted, and beautifully shot.

So, this year I'll stay in, but I'll be dreaming of next year when Clare and I can play together in the snow, snow, snow, snow!

Talk to you soon,


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