Thursday, December 20, 2007

Uh oh! I forgot!

I forgot to blog last night before going to bed! Oops! I'll blog twice today instead, k?

Yesterday was the first day of my Christmas vacation. Rob and I took the day away from our jobs and away from fixing the house to meet with friends and to get some Christmas shopping done. I started my day by sleeping in until 8:30 - a time that felt extremely luxurious. After slowly getting ready, I left the house around 10 to drive to Etobicoke. I had a tip that there was a very lovely, very inexpensive dresser there that would be great for Bean's room. Sure enough, I found it and it was quite nice. It's also kind of enormous! I didn't buy it yet because I wanted to be sure that I'd be able to get it home but I plan to go back tomorrow to put it on hold so that I can get it after the holidays. After that, I drove back in to Toronto and went to a couple of other furniture stores - just to be sure that I was getting as good a deal as I thought.

Since I was meeting with Rob, Derek, and Greg for lunch in Yorkville, I drove there a bit early and tried to do some Christmas shopping. As you might imagine, it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Shopping in Yorkville was not the best idea! After lunch I made my way to Karen's place and had a chance to visit with a very awake, very bouncy Adam as well as with Karen herself. I followed that visit up with about 2 more hours of Christmas shopping (finishing off the last of the gifts I needed for my parents) and then went home for dinner.

The evening was a bit bustling as I got the laundry ready for packing, did my packing, and cleaned-up a bit. I finished off the last few of the Christmas cards that I hadn't yet mailed. Rob, in a desperate attempt to recover from what had been a very hectic day for him played Warcraft (he claims that he needs to binge now in order to get through the next week of not being able to play while we're at my mum's house!) and watching the basketball games. Last night was a big game at our house -- The Dallas Novitskis versus the Phoenix Nashs (my team versus Rob's). Sadly, I was too sleepy to watch the whole of the west-coast game and called it quits during the second quarter. I hear I won though!

Talk to you soon,


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