Thursday, December 20, 2007

Denim isn't entirely to blame

A couple of weeks ago I put my only pair of maternity jeans in the dryer and they shrunk. When I got them out of the dryer they didn't fit anymore -- I think I might have mentioned it. I tried to wear them anyway and have had more than one very uncomfortable day. So, today I caved. I went to the mall to buy myself a new pair of jeans. I just didn't feel like I could get by without a pair of jeans even for only 6 or so weeks. And frankly, I've been pretty fortunate in the wardrobe department. I haven't purchased very many maternity clothes, instead I've been lent some hand-me-downs and given some gifts. I picked up the few things that I did want on sale and mostly at Target in the States.

So, today I was at the store and grabbed the new jeans from the shelf - more or less the same ones that I'd shrunk in the dryer. Can you guess where this leads? While the new pair were definitely roomier than the shrunken pair, I didn't buy them. I had to buy the size bigger. It's true and it's official - I'm enormous!

I weighed myself this morning and felt a bit shocked at the number. Then, I needed to go up a size in jeans. And then, ironically, the 'lesson' at my fitness class was "10 Reasons to Love your Pregnant Body". And THEN class kicked my butt. I'm not sure today is my favorite day.

Talk to you soon,


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