Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hospital Tour

If you haven't guessed by the title of today's post, Rob and I went to our hospital today for the tour. There wasn't too much that was surprising for us there I don't think. The woman who was our prenatal instructor was the same woman who gave us the tour (our prenatal classes weren't affiliated with the hospital, this was just a coincidence) and there was another couple from our prenatal class on the tour. Janice, our instructor/tour guide, is really fantastic and all through our class she would refer to how procedures work at TEGH so that we'd be prepared. It kind of already felt familiar because Janice and our classmates were there. Besides that, Rob and I have been to this hospital before - after Adam's birth and after Sophia's. One of our good friends is an OB/Gyn at this hospital too, though we haven't seen her at any of our trips there so far. Also, another friend of mine who just recently graduated from medical school did her maternity ward rotation at TEGH. All of these things feel comforting to me.

So, as I was saying, there wasn't too much that was surprising, not too much new information. I did learn a bit more about the birthing beds that I had been kind of curious about and was also not expecting the delivery rooms to be so big. All in all, it was fun though.

After we got home we (and by we I mean Rob) sealed the concrete in the new area on the first floor and I prepared us some dinner treats as we met our Advent Calendar 'duties'. The activity today was 'meet up after work for dinner'. We decided to go more with the spirit of the directive than it's more literal meaning - we met up after work for our tour, then picked up dinner things, then ate at home.

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