Wednesday, December 05, 2007

2.5 hours and $220 later

I went shopping tonight. We needed to get lots and lots of stuff to get through all the work that's planned for the weekend. I'd offered to go since shopping is something I can do despite my size and current 'condition' (lots of the heavy lifting and chemical work that will need to get done this weekend is strictly off-limits). Here was my shopping list:
vapour barrier, concrete sealant, rigid styrene insulation, 10' flashing, 12' baseboards, 6' ABS piping, deep-pile rollers, window caulking, all the parts necessary to re-plumb under our kitchen sinks and reinstall the dishwasher, sidewalk salt, ABS glue, plumbers putty, teflon tape, polyfil, tile cutter, grout cutter, saw slide.

I tried to use my belly to my advantage while I was there but didn't do a very good job. I forgot about the 'mom-to-be' parking spaces, very few HD employees were around to offer assistance, and the guy who was enlisted to help me load my car really just carried out the rigid styrene insulation and then watched me load the car.

The flooring was delivered today, Rob and Kevin picked up the plywood on Tuesday and Rob and I got the rest of the stuff we needed from Home Depot last Sunday. Seems like we're nearly ready to go!

Talk to you soon,


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