Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy Advent

Last November, many of us participated in National Blog Posting Month. This November I thought I'd try to out do myself by not posting any single day in NaBloPoMo. Just kidding! It wasn't really on purpose (nor was I completely successful) - I've been busy busy busy. It's ironic how keeping busy gives you lots of blog fodder but not enough time to actually post. Since I last posted I got a new haircut, started a new fitness class, got a new piece of foundation for the part of the house that needed it, and got my very first new employee!

Know what else is new? It's a new month and the beginning of Advent and I bloody love advent calendars!! Perhaps you can remember from last year that Rob and I made our own advent calendar? We've done the same again this year. With any luck, I will provide a bit of Advent fun around here by actually posting for every day of Advent. Not sure how ambitious I should be. So, in the event that I'm unable to satisfy all of your Advent calendar needs, you can check out this fun one from Santa in Greenland.

Talk to you soon,


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