Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pregnancy Brain?

Ever since I did Rich and Sarah's cake a few weeks back I've been looking for my wedding rings. I usually take them off for baking and I couldn't remember where I'd put them. Luckily, a couple of mornings ago I remembered where I'd put them -- in the purse I'd carried with me to the reception site. I immediately put them on and that evening set them on the bookshelf were I keep them sitting overnight. The next morning I walked over to the bookshelf to get my rings and !! they weren't there!! I asked Rob if he'd seen them and he swears he'd seen them on that shelf at bedtime the night before. I looked all around the room, on different shelves, on my nightstand. I even pulled the bookshelf away from the wall to see if they'd fallen behind. I crawled onto hands and knees to look underneath. And while on my hands and knees, I looked at my hands. Oops! There they were - on my fingers! Apparently, I'd put the rings on my fingers and then promptly started looking for where I'd left them. Could this possibly be another case of 'pregnancy brain'?

Talk to you soon,


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Kern said...

If it is, then there's a strong chance that I've been pregnant more than once. :)