Monday, October 29, 2007


My navel has popped. Crazy! And this is what the website, WhatTo, says about the navel: “And speaking of your belly button, have you noticed that it’s taken on a life of its own — a larger-than-life life? Protruding navels may not be your idea of forward fashion (especially when you’re in a bikini, or when your once innie belly button now bulges through tight clothes), but it’s de rigueur for the pregnant set. And it’s easy to understand why. Beginning somewhere around the middle to end of your second trimester, your enlarging uterus swells enough to push your abdomen forward, making your navel pop out like a timer on a well-done turkey (even though you have a way to go before your baby is “well done”). Your belly button should revert back to its regular position a few months after delivery — (though it may have that stretched-out, “lived in” look. Until then, you can look at the bright side of your protruding navel: it gives you a chance to clean out all the lint that’s accumulated there since you were a kid.”

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Kern said...

That's the awesomest thing that I never knew about being pregnant!